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Friday, 13 January 2023

As I was updating my Preaching Schedule for the coming year, I found myself reflecting on “the year that was”. How many things occurred over the course of the year that I did not nor could not have anticipated. Some of them were unexpected blessings and some of them were unexpected struggles or sorrows. And as I looked at 2023, I knew that this coming year will have its own uncertainties.


That is just the way it is…that’s life. Believer or unbeliever, we must all deal with the “Certainty of Uncertainty”. The future of our lives in this sinful world is steeped in uncertainty…from our perspective.


But as believers who know the loving God of the Bible, and His sovereign rule over all things, by faith we know that there is nothing about our future that is uncertain from His perspective. He knows everything about everything, including the yet-to-happen events in our lives. For us, we gaze into the unknown. For Him, He sees absolute certainty.


Hebrews 12:1 describes our lives as Christians as running “the race”. But the verse defines the race as one “that is set before us”.  Set by Whom? Set by our God. Not by random circumstance. Not one that is subject to anything, whether geopolitical, societal or even our own misguided decisions. He who saved us and called us also has set a course for us to run which is certain. Knowing that doesn’t change the uncertainty of the future from our perspective, but by faith we can trust God, our heavenly Father, who does know the future events and has already made every provision for us to run this race that He has set before us.


Should I fear the future? Should I allow anxiety a seat at the table that decides how I face the future?  As a believer, I can…but I don’t have to. I can face the future with faith in Him who loves me. For He who saved me and called me is the One who set a course for me to run…and it is certain. By His grace, that is what I choose to do with 2023.

Posted on 01/13/2023 4:30 AM by Bruce Neill
Thursday, 12 January 2023

His arms so wide they span the universe with all its stars and Milky Way and to each  He has given names


ln His palm He holds the earth and guides it through each day


And yet when one shed a tear, It is with a gentle touch He wipes its stain away, He holds them in His hand and saves them In ajar


With His love and then THE PROM1SE He stretched His hands out to you and me that day on Calvary's tree


"Father forgive them"

''It is finished"


With His life's blood He reconciled you and me

Holy God reached out His holy hand to touch unholy you and me



Posted on 01/12/2023 4:25 AM by Patti Norton

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