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My Best Friend 14-Jan-2022
I Hear a Song



Jan Mar

Saturday, 05 March 2022

I saw you there holding the hammer, bent down on one knee.
Who is that with you bent also on knee holding a nail?

The closer I look the clearer I see, could that be me?

He's my best friend, please say it's not me.

I held the thorns you crushed on his head, making a crown to mock
my best friend.

We raised him together up on an old rugged cross mocking and
shouting words I cannot believe.

Love was hung like a thief on a cross. Yet, lovingly He looked up to
God and I heard Him say "Father, forgive them" The words still
ringing in my ears because when he had said it He looked right at

I held the nail that pierced His hand, I held the crown forced on to
his head, I raised the cross and there he hung. He paid the price
and called me His friend.

Posted on 03/05/2022 11:47 AM by Patti Norton
Friday, 14 January 2022

I hear the song of ten thousand angels singing the song of my redemption, your redemption, the redemption of all the saints

Singing … I am saved, I am being saved and I will be saved.  The sweet, sweet song; a solo sound as if only for me, a choral sound that fills the heavens, sweet as a lullaby but full as an orchestra.  This is the song of the Angels as they sing to our Lord the song of the saints who are saved.

It is that great day, the day called THE DAY OF THE LORD.  We are all standing together …

The crowns have been given, the jars of tears opened and poured as an atoning rain.

Heaven is filled with the fulness of the angels singing the hymn of redemption.  It is an adulation of song.

I recognize, the song is the song that was sung when I was saved, it is the song that lived in my soul as I was being saved; and now the song is new and full and complete and Heaven is filled with the song.

It is the song of the saints who are saved as they are welcomed home.

Posted on 01/14/2022 11:07 AM by Patti Norton

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